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An AHAVA HOUSE project that benefits and saves the lives of the Wayuu Tribes in La Guajira, Colombia.

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Since day one when we found out about the Wayuu children of La Guajira, Colombia losing their lives everyday due to lack of food and water, we had no rest. We felt it our responsibility as people that confess loving God and believe in the Gospel which teaches us to help the poor, love our neighbors, and seek justice for the oppressed. As we heard the devastating news, we had two options... to sit, watch, and ignore it, or think in a solution and act. After much prayer and consideration, and a lot of passion, we embarked on a mission trip with a local Colombian organization, and during that trip the JESUS IN YUU PROJECT was born. Today we cover many rancherias in the territory of Rioacha, La Guajira and its surroundings. We take food, water, water filtration systems, clothing, flip flops, baby nutritional supplements and baby care products, school supplies, and other basic necessities. We help improve their way of life as we strive to end hunger and provide clean water for life. We support the vision of this project with charity programs, strategic partnerships with local government, churches, non-profit organizations, professionals willing to help in the transformation of the poor, supportive enterprises, and with contributions of individuals who like us, can't sit and just watch it keep happening.

We believe that bringing hope and love is the start for a better future. As our friendship grows with our brothers and sisters in the Wayuu communities, we share with them the good news of the Word of God, and lead them into developing an eternal relationship with God.

"The Bible insists that the best test of a nation's righteousness is how it treats the poorest and most vulnerable in its midst." — Jim Wallis, Christian writer and social activist


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